Friday, November 16, 2007

death to crocs

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Just got back from the podiatrist - official diagnosis: plantar faciitis. I knew that.
She said crocs are as bad as flip-flops, they really offer no support whatsoever. :o\
I'm currently in my tennis shoes waiting for my new orthotics to arrive.
I feel like an old woman.

The story behind the picture:
Susan got orange crocs for her birthday. My envy nearly consumed me so I got my own pair - the pink ones (and black mary janes, and pink ballet ones for Roo. It's a sickness, I tell you!). Lisa gave us such a hard time for our "hideous", "gross", "UGLY" shoes, so for her birthday, Susan and I got her a pair as a gag gift, really. Hers are the blue ones. See how worn they are? She LOVES them! She has two pair now.
Resistance is futile.
Sorry Lisa! (all this was before The Official Diagnosis)

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Alisha said...

I had to retire my Crocs after back surgery earlier this year. They're comfortable to wear, but like you said, they offer no support.

LotusKnits said...

I personally dislike crocs, but I've also had the good sense not to put them on cause I know they're crazy comfortable. I'll stick to my flops, but I know they're not much better! You're not old though, it's the shoes!

Desert Diva said...

I wear mine only when I'm using a campground shower and/or doing water sports.

Indigo said...

:-( Poo. That's terrible. Personally, I love my crocs too, but they aren't too professional looking for work ....

Annalea said...

I'm consigned to custom-fit orthotics, as well, so I totally understand. But, it hurts too much to wear anything like crocs or flip flops (or even go barefoot for long), so I don't mourn the loss of those shoes. I live in Keen's . . . my orthotics fit well, and they're darn cute (especially on my big 'ol feet! lol). The Presidios are my favorite; got 'em at When winter strikes, the best I've found for orthotics are Land's End Marinac boots. They don't have a removable orthotic, but the orthotic fits pretty well, and they're cute and waterproof and seriously warm . . . (and about half as much as the Keens!).

Best of luck, and here's to the miracle of pain relief that orthotics are!

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

if you perused my blog you noticed my obsession for Indiana. What part are you from, if ya don't mind me asking. I truly am not a harmful stalker. Honest.