Wednesday, November 14, 2007

F is for:

I love Autumn. For so many reasons. It's like a miracle, watching the colors of the leaves change on the trees. I'm always amazed at the deep reds, bright yellows and flaming oranges where only green was before. The sight of fall color has literally taken my breath away before. I love it!
I caught sight of something on a tree near my house that wasn't visible when the trees were in full summer splendor. I could tell, even from the road, that it was someones names or initials in a heart, carved in the bark of this tree. I knew I wanted to take a picture of this. I've been thinking about it for a few days, so yesterday I pulled my little car off the side of the road and snapped this picture.
There was a branch casting a shadow, darnit. I can photoshop that out later. Isn't this a fun picture? I wonder who they were, WHEN they were, if they ARE.
This next one was a surprise shot. I went cruising down my favorite road with the top down yesterday, a rare 60° November day and saw how the sun was coming down on these trees, lighting them on fire. I again pulled to the side of the road but I had to walk for a bit to get close enough to get the shot. I wanted to stay and take more but my top was down, the keys were in it and my car was getting our of sight the closer I got to the trees. I've got to get better at this whole pull-off-the-side-of-the-road thing. But this was so worth my nervousness:
I love Fall, don't you?
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Indigo said...

Those pictures are simply AMAZING!

HistoryMom said...

That photo is awesome!

Dragonfly said...

beautiful pictures. I like your thoughts on the tree initials