Thursday, June 21, 2007

random act of knitted happiness

Since discovering swap-bot I've been thinking - why do I want to send my cool creations to complete strangers? I know there's a certain appeal in wowing folks I don't know with my mad crafting skills but why not send something randomly to someone I know and love?

I decided to treat my cousin (who I ADORE!) to some knitted happiness. She loves knit dishrags so I searched and found a pattern I liked and sat down to knit her some happiness.

I really like this pattern! I don't know if I like knitting dishrags or not but for a few hours of my time and a few dollars worth of cotton I know I'm making my cousin smile and that is, as they say, PRICELESS.

Love you Cristi!
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Denali said...

Good for people to know.