Wednesday, June 13, 2007

places to go, things to do

here I sit.

I do have places to go. I do! I happily discovered where you can swap all kinds of goodies with folks all over the world. I need to finish up my partner's package and ship it off.
Since she's a scrapbooker too I thought it would be fun to include something handmade.
I altered this notebook cover (sorry for the crappy webcam pic) for my partner in the Netherlands. I thought I'd get clever and find the dutch translation for "notes" and write that under the english word. I just hope it doesn't mean something random and obscure like "potato" or something. She'll either laugh at my ingenuity or my stupidity. Either way, there's a story for her to share each time she uses it.

Today's errands also include heading over to the Knit Stop today in the hopes the nice ladies are there, not the sucky customer service types I met the first time I visited. I have GOT to finish this Devil Vestee. I have GOT to get some help. With the sweater - the other help we'll save for another day.
I'm almost done - it actually looks like a sweater. I need to sew the seams and attach the collar. The collar I haven't made yet. The collar I need help with. Hence the trip to the Knit Stop.

I'm so glad knitters are a patient lot of folks. No one looks at me, the newbie, knitting a sweater, as though I've gone completely mad when I ask them how the hell I cast on at the beginning of the row.
They all say, "This is how you learn."
I feel like I should still be knitting potholders or washcloths or BAGS!

I'm off...


brwnigrl said...

Swap Bot looks like so much fun! I know the recipient will love what you made!

Marigold said...

I'm going to say it again...this is a perfect first project! LOL! you learn how to do a sweater, but in mini version. And, if you really wanted a dishcloth, wouldn't you have made one by now? Think how easy dishcloths will be after this...


RedRhonda said...

Your notepad is gorgeous! I think I will COPY!