Thursday, June 21, 2007

crafting is on hold

I had a minor altercation with a mandoline in my kitchen last night.
My husband wondered why our son's small guitar was in the kitchen. :)
For you non-foodies like my husband who don't know the proper name for a slicing machine, a madoline is a slicer, dicer, julliane fry maker. And practical finger-taker-off-er!

I went to the urgent care center and do you know what they did? They super glued my finger shut! I was a little disappointed. There's no glory in that! No drama. No story! No, "DUDE! I totally had to get stitches last night!"
"I had to get super glued last night" just doesn't have that same zing.

I guess it does have a story after all though. :)

My mom's first question was, "Can you still knit?!"
Love you, mom.


camillaknits said...

OMG! R U OK? Sorry, I have an almost 12 yr.old... I have to keep practicing. Melly, that's awful about your*p. Will you still be at ssk Monday night? I want to come, but the tall redhead who drags me along isn't able to be there (family 'thing', I'm told) and I wouldn't have sought out a group on my own... you know, 'cuz I'm a spaz and all. Not fit for public display, etc. I hope you are better; and the "surgical adhesive" is supposed to save you from scarring. Did you *want* a Franken-finger? Might interfere with the knitting...(I'm just sayin') Let me know if you'll be able to make it... if you come I'll buy you a cookie! Cami

Dragonfly said...

Came by to say hello after seeing your comment on mine, but ow!! Superglue may not sound as impressive but it's supposed to work well. Hope it heals well and fast! And now I know what a mandoline is :-)

Marigold said...

Ouch! I perfectly understand how it could happen. yeaaahhh..small boy, toys, kitchen stuff - been there.

So, CAN you knit?

see ya Monday! come and hang out with us anyway (ooh, i know, I'll bring my knitting loom, and you can do that instad of knitting :D)