Saturday, December 19, 2009

i'm no scrooge

but i wasn't going to do any christmas knitting. proclaiming christmas a knit-free zone was one way to lighten my holiday load. i wasn't going to send any christmas cards either. . .funny how these things work. or not.

i mean, i have things on the needles, i am knitting: a clapotis for girl-child and manly socks for ken but i wasn't going to have this mad dash to the finish line, pressured to finish last-minute gifts.

enter exhibit a:

ashley's boyfriend put in a hat request. and i'm doing a gift exchange with some knitters after the holidays. then i found this blog and her felted slippers and it's been downhill since. i have procured more wool in the last week than i can shake a . . .a knitting stick at!

this is the french press felted slipper, before and after. ravelry is the best way to get the pattern, especially after poor melynda was 'harlotized'. i think i've been staring at it too long. i can't even tell if it's cute any more! it needs one more good run through the wash so it's not so floppy but i think it's cute. now to find the perfect buttons...

and one more knitting related bit. can i just say my mom rocks? i asked her if she could knit girl-child a sweater. ashley said, "omg! i love that sweater!" when we were watching a scene from the movie juno. so, i took a picture of my TV with my cell phone, emailed it to my mom and said, "can you knit THIS sweater?"

she took that crappy cell phone picture, bought some yarn, found a squirrel chart and worked her magic:

ashley was squeeing all over the kitchen. i couldn't even get her to hold still for a picture.

well, maybe one.

she absolutely loves it. as in, wears-it-every-day loves it. cried when she opened the package loves it. wasn't going to let me take it to my knitting group to brag on my mom loves it.

thanks mom.


Channon said...

The three generations of you made my eyes mist up. Sweet!

And yes, your slipper is cute! Brush it with a sweater stone, give it some button bling and you'll have the cutest feet going.

(Those SERIOUSLY need to be on my radar.)

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow Miss Melly! What happened to sit back and relax? Looks like you're good and busy. That squirrel sweater is too cute!

Creative Minx said...

OMG... So Jim actually remembers that the MOM in Juno wore the sweater.... I did not remember this fact, LOL. The fact that ur mum could look at a cell phone pic and make this knitting masterpiece is A.Ma.zing to me. That is some serious skills which I hope to possess one day. (Especially this zipper w/yarn.) Don't get me wrong, you've got mad, covetous knitting skills I'd like as well! Those slipper rock! Also, I mostly check your blog out on my Blackberry so I never noticed the SWEET squirrel on your blog header. I showed it to Jim and he liked it. Happy day friend!

Stacy said...

I have been the same way - proclaiming this Christmas a sans-craft one because I get just a little too crazy with the crafts for people once I start. I can never get all that I want to do done and I end up feeling frazzled and out of time. So, no crafts except ones for the house which is good because those don't have to be done by the 25th or anything so no rush. I have been tempted though - so many great craft ideas out there!! I think that is the reason why I don't attempt handmade cards either - just too much going on to add another thing to my plate. Feel kinda guilty doing store-bought ones each year when I KNOW I could craft something cool up. Sigh. Oh well - it is the thought that counts, right?!

Bubblesknits said...

Holy Cow! Your Mom has some seriously awesome knitting skillz! I'm with Chan...that made me have a Hallmark moment. ::sniffle::

Green Robin said...

Squirrels....OMG those are the best, I am so envious of Ash - can she just charm everyone into knitting for her - and way cool stuff too. I'd say I was going to "ahem - borrow" it but I know it would not fit these shoulders. I need to see it in person, once, so that I can dream about it. She's so lucky and mama is so talented! Rob