Tuesday, December 15, 2009

and the gifts keep coming

is there a better way to express your love and affection than the gift of yarn? i think not.
my momma, she loves me. she gifts me with potential. a bag of fibery goodness says, "here you go, let's see what sort of beauty you can create with THIS!"
a bag of yarn. the perfect gift. one size really does fit all.

i can tell it's christmas. and not just because of the parade of gifts.
we finally got our tree up. no one in town had the mini, multi lights! i ended up ordering them from target.com.
ken strung them up and i decorated the rest. we love our tree. it's like a living museum of our lives together. each ornament hand selected either by us or for us to commemorate all sorts of things. decorating the tree is one of my favorite traditions even if it is a lot of work!
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Channon said...

Sweet! I love our tree too, even though the big one isn't going up this year, unless I throw a fit and begin trying to do it on my own. Hmmm... Is it worth it? Maybe...

Thimbleanna said...

Do you think it's an Indiana thing? We're having trouble getting lights up here too -- what gives? Lovely little tree Miss Melly!

Bubblesknits said...

That sounds like our ornaments. Each one has a story or memory attached. :-)

And kudos to your Mom! Gorgeous!

Creative Minx said...

Yarn = Jealous! Love the colours.

robin said...

I'm thinking a wonderful lap blanket or a shawl...always tastefully displayed.
good taste in yarn Mom