Thursday, July 2, 2009

smarter than me

i'm sitting here cleaning off my desk when i come across the metal knitting needles my sister gave me. as i looked at them i thought, i bet you could bend these around to make a bracelet. and i was sure the clever crafty folk on the internet were already on top of this one.

you should SEE some of the crazy things crafty folk are doing with knitting needles! go look, i'll wait. check this one too.

etsy is one of my favorite rabbit holes. type in something you love and see what comes up. by artisans. you know, those folk who make things. with their hands. people like me only way cooler. ;)


gaylen said...

Those are pretty cool. I like the second link better than the first and they are so not cooler than you :) I know - I've met you. g

ps - you're official now! You got a welcome on the blog with a link to you and everything. Better post some puppers!

Creative Minx said...

Hold the BOAT! You don't have an Etsy account? May I be so nosey as to ask why a creative genius such as yourself doesn't have an Etsy account? And no, they are not way cooler than you! Happy 4th of July at 12:09 am =)