Wednesday, July 8, 2009

quit top complete!

after not too much swearing, i give you this:
can i get opinions on how it should be finished? i'm not doing the quilting. i think it needs some sort of solid border and then the bias in one of the fabrics - maybe one of the reds? no border? bias in black? i think i want it a scooch bigger. it's approx. 60 x 72 (minus seam allowances) and boy-child has a full sized bed so i do need to add something. i like this idea from the quilt along.
these are some seriously talented folks. i'm a little in awe to be sewing among them. click the link to see their work all together in our flickr pool.
serious fun.
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Tryllyam said...

That is gorgeous, Melly. I love the mix of prints, especially the skulls. I'd go with a black border and a dark red binding, but Jeff raised some interesting questions. He thought you might want to consider using some green for the border or the binding. And do you want to use the border and binding to brighten the quilt or make it darker? What color will the backing fabric be? (Yes, this is what it's like living with an artist/art historian. :)

Quilt is gorgeous, girl. You should be very proud of your lovely self.

Creative Minx said...

Gorgeous! I hope this has caused you many more joyous curse words over the past week, LOL!

Robin said...

Me likey...and I like the other quilt that you chose to finish J's quilt like (grammer?). What color are you thinking for the back? Maybe he might like to have some input on this? Or maybe not..."I don't care mom"...I don't have any male offspring to judge by.
Keep up the good work,
love, Robin

Thimbleanna said...

I vote for wide black border and then red binding or thin red border, then wide black border and then red binding. It's yummy Melly!