Thursday, July 2, 2009

i'm official!

thanks for the shout, g. finally, the folks over at dogs on thursday recognise me as an official member. whew!

now to share a picture. . . since my sadie girl will be seven this month, this one is for her.

on her first birthday, the breeder threw a birthday party for the whole litter. there were thirteen golden retrievers swimming in the pond, chasing balls, sniffing butts and having cake. yes, there was even a cake. it was a hoot.
i had several friends who had goldens, they came for the party. it was the most fun i'd had in a long time.

happy birthday, sadie - girl.


@eloh said...

We had one years ago, best old dog ever.

Thimbleanna said...

Happy Birthday Sadie! Love that picture Melly -- very, very cool!

gaylen said...

Great picture of you two. The party sounds like lots of fun. Glad you are finally "official." g

Sue said...

Welcome to DOT. Happy Birthday to Sadie from all the Porties.