Sunday, April 12, 2009

you should smell like dirt

according to Margaret Atwood, anyway. "In spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt." and we do!
the garden girls came over yesterday and we made good progress in the garden.
this first shot is the shade garden off the back patio. that big pine stump in the center will soon be covered in wisteria. my cousin's husband gave me a few seed pods from his brother's vine and i brought them home and planted them. it's slow to bloom but when it does! the lavender blossoms drop like clusters of grapes from the vine. and they are unbelievably fragrant. hope i live to see it! when i said it's slow to bloom, i wasn't kidding - it can take upwards of ten years! but -so- worth the wait.

my hard-working man and his best friend.

and garden progress!
the girls dug out the beds while i cut down scrap fencing panels to create our little garden fence. we're all so excited about this garden. ken is going to help me finish the fence today and then we start talking dirt!

here's a shot of the cold-frame/compost bin ken built. cami gave us the windows and in no time at all i had a mini green house! the frame to the side of the cold-frame will hold my compost. i may build it up with wire fencing if i need to, but for now, this works.

and how about some knitting? i started this dishcloth last night as a little breather from the wrap i'm knitting. needed something mindless. can't believe i waited so long to try this simple pattern. it knits up lickety split!

and the wrap:
it's lovely, but knitting one big thing can get a little tedious. it's featured on the cover of debbie bliss' premiere issue knitting magazine. i think it's called a summer wrap. simple knit. yarn is lorna's laces (i think) and it's a dove grey (my description, not their colorway).
i've been summoned to fix my hard-working man some sustinance. it's what i do. now go get your hands dirty! but wash them before you pick up your knitting. :)


Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- you've been a busy girl Melly! Looks like there will soon be a planting party at your house. Now I'm off to get that dishrag pattern -- I've just always made one up like that and never really been happy with it -- thanks for the link!

veedogknitter said...

So great!! i love watching the garden progress! What kind of dirt are you going to use to fill the raised beds? We are getting ready to put in a few random islands in the yard, and extend the veg garden a little. Nothing like a loooong, snowy winter to make you so excited for spring.