Friday, April 24, 2009

spring is in the air

feels more like summer. i swear! it must be close to 80° out there today!

took the camera out to the garden today. it's really coming along. all the construction is done. ken got the fence up and as soon as he's done working on baby mac's crib he'll build a gate and an arbor. it's going to be great.

i was supposed to take it easy today, my back has been misbehaving badly but the day was calling me. the sunshine, the birdsong. how was i supposed to stay indoors? i walked around the yard for a bit, scoping things out. looking at everything coming up all over. it's always fun to see what makes it from one season to the next. we have hostas galore! lilies, tulips, the astilbe that i thought died last year is up, better than ever. and we even have one tiny little fern. ken's going to be happy about that.

i sat in the garden for a bit and plotted things out in my mind - the best place for all the sunflowers, how we have room for a table and a couple of chairs out there. i couldn't resist getting my hands dirty so i took the zinnia sproutlings we started a few weeks ago and got them settled in their new bed. and i planted a few rows of seeds too, just to have some rotation in my cut flower bed. have i mentioned yet how i have no idea what i'm doing?

i also transplanted some poppies. we'll see. i've heard they don't move well. i watered them and now i wait. hopefully ken won't dig them up mistaking them for a weed in my garden. i think perhaps we need a new garden rule - anything inside the fence he doesn't mess with. oh, and grizz has discovered he can fit through certain slats in the fence. we may need to do something about that before we have a little grizzly bear nibbling on our goodies.

for now that's it. the major veggies should go in the ground in the next few weeks. i'm really excited. i love my garden. i think it's going to be a great place to relax and enjoy the summer.


Robin said...

I'm dreaming through your garden building. I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED A CUTTING GARDEN! I'm so glad my un-used windows that sat idle at Cami's for almost a year are now being put to good use. I envisioned them with something painted on them at her shop (my husband didn't want to hang them on our walls - too heavy) so being the keepers of the crops now seems like a perfect home for them. I have to go on a plant hunting expedition this weekend - I only have a few poppies. Have you ever seen the persnickety blue ones - I got some seeds for them at Buchardt Gardens in Victoria(northwest area - Ms Melly's stomping grounds). As I went to pay for this little bag of seeds the cashier ask me "Are you an experienced gardner?" That should have been my warning! Sounds like a good day compared to the "dentist trauma". Take care my friend, Robin

Stacy said...

You will definitely love your garden! Whether you are taking our your daily stresses on the weeds or just watching it grow and rejoicing over each flower! Gardening is grand!

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.