Sunday, April 19, 2009

what's good for the goose

the garden girls got a late start yesterday. ken had hauled all the dirt to the beds for us so with nothing to do we headed out to the green market at the creamery. i didn't even realized they had vendors year-round. when the weather turns bad they move the market up to the red barn. i love it! it's so charming with the bales of straw pushed aside for the local merchants peddling their wares.

it was fresh eggs that caught my eye yesterday. goose eggs to be exact. i've never had a goose egg. maybe never even seen one before this weekend. and today, i had one one for breakfast and made this absolutely luscious ice cream for dessert:

(you're gonna want to click to embiggen)

goose eggs are amazing. first of all they are twice as large as a hen egg. heavy too. their thick shells don't give in easily. i can't recommend frying these babies up. the whites stayed translucent and were quite rubbery. but the yolk! i had toast points and a dippy goose egg for breakfast. it was good.

in reading what i could find online today, goose eggs are to chicken eggs what goose meat is to chicken meat. meaning goose eggs are fattier and richer than hen laid eggs. twas certainly true in my ice-cream!

I took Nigella Lawson's custard recipe, my two goose eggs (plus one double-yolked fresh chicken egg) and ended up with the most wonderfully creamy concoction ever.

I'll call this two goose egg vanilla bean ice cream. Check out Nigella's How to Eat for the custard instructions.

and check out your local markets for your own goosey goodness.


Stacy said...

Wow, the vanilla bean ice cream sounds delish!!

Thimbleanna said...

Your market sounds like lots of fun. And that ice cream looks fabulous!