Monday, March 23, 2009

the patterns are calling

do you ever see a hank of yarn somewhere and know it's destiny is to become a pair of mittens for your niece, or a hat for your brother? or see a certain print of fabric and know it is meant to be an apron for your sister?

sometimes projects appear on my to-do list this way. and sometimes the creation comes first and i don't know why i made it other than i wanted to and later the recipient appears.

other times i meet someone and think, "i want to make a ________ for this friend."

this is the way it happened with a girl ken works with. she's having her first baby and this is my favorite thing to make a new baby. well, this and these.

knitting, papercrafts and babies!

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Carla said...

The slippers look warm. I'd love to know what that saying is.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me where the farm was in central Indiana. I would love to see those sheep. Fantastic photo.

Thimbleanna said...

Hey -- you paper loving Twilight fans down there HAVE to see these: