Saturday, March 7, 2009

i'm really more of a dog person

bakerella is a genius. an artist. cake is her medium. when she posts her creations on her blog i sit and stare in wonder at the sheer perfection on the screen. what on earth would make me think i could re-create her confections in my kitchen? why do i look at her blog and think i can do the same? her - genius. me? not so much. i mean, she's met Martha FFS!

go have a look at her Hello Kitty pops. go ahead. i'll wait. amazing, no? and not just one, but several kitties, all perfectly formed and decorated just waiting for the oooo's and aaahhhhh's. again, hers and now mine:

one kitty. and not even a good kitty at that.


just sad, really.

all kidding aside, i think the trouble was too much frosting in the cake. it was too dense and didn't want to stay on the stick. with the weight of the chocolate coating, it was just too much. it was like a hello kitty massacre. tasty though. :)
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camillaknits said...

like a few mangled heads will stop me from devouring those kitty-kitties. I love you.

Stacy said...

Hehe - at least you had the guts to try it. They looked way too complicated for me to try out. I get frustrated fast and am not a patient person when it comes to my cooking or crafts.

Thimbleanna said...

Hello Kitty Massacre. Hahahaha! Did you comment for the drawing to go see Bakerella in action at PW's???

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.