Thursday, March 12, 2009

baa (and brrr!)

my friend heather and i took a field trip to a sheep farm in central indiana. it was bloody cold out! we get used to some 60° weather here in the midwest then BAM! mother nature puts us back in our place. the bitch.

we had a great time in spite of the cold. i loved seeing these little tufts of green grass coming up. and the promises of daffodils.

i thought this next shot couldn't have been better if i'd said, "ok, you with the dark face, you stand over here. rusty, you stand here and you girls get in front." it was crazy how they stood there for the longest time almost posing.

yeah, we're pretty. and we knows it.

afterward, zander, the chopstick master, taught me how to use chopsticks. for reals.

he rocks. :)

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Thimbleanna said...

You're SO funny. You and Mother Nature. Just call her FickleBitch. Love the sheepy picture!

Skrappingirl said...

The sheep just kill me. Puns are running around in my just to let you know, I love ewe! :)
Notice the first use of an emoticon. Yay me!!!