Saturday, January 26, 2008

nearing completion

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a button band! Well, half a button band. If the movie selection on the Hallmark channel holds, we'll have a sweater in a few hours! Now if Ashley would stay home long enough to model it for me sans clothespins!
Ya'll just don't know how freakin' amazing this is!
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knitter in the desert said...

Super freakin amazing! Its looking really good!

And your Valentine cards are pretty cute too!

RedRhonda said...

Your button band looks just perfect! Keep up the good work!

Skrappingirl said...

Again "I love your sleeves"! The rest of the sweater is pretty amazing to. Great job! ~Susan

Dragonfly said...

Wow, that looks great!! You've got to get her to model it!