Wednesday, January 9, 2008

G is for:

Grizz. Grizzly Bear. Grizzy. Grizzers. Little Bubby or Bub (Ruger, our Rottie is Big Bubby/Bub)
It's completely unnatural how much I love this little dog. We're Rottweiler owners for Pete's sake! He's supposed to be a Shih Tzu. My vet looked at me over his glasses when I said that. My groomer said, "Well, maybe his grandmother was a Shih Tzu."

I both love and hate to tell the story of how we came to have such a little ball of cuteness: Petland. I know. I know. I'm so ashamed! We went in to buy dog food and look at the puppies. Ken saw this little guy and had to have him. "He looked at me!"
To which I reply: "Stay out of the tittie bars, will ya?"


He is a love. He's a little shit, Ken says. And then I correct him, "Shih Tzu!" Mmmmm Hmmm.

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Dragonfly said...

Ok, dying laughing... my grandmother lived with us and had a shih tzu, my dad used to call it the "little shit" also until parents in the neighborhood started complaining about their kids copying. he still did it, but tried to avoid outside. funny that he's not the only one