Thursday, August 9, 2007

Good Morning Glory

We try to plant these every year.
I'm amazed how these tiny, fleeting blooms can bring my husband so much joy. He loves them. We have pages and pages of morning glory photos. He asked me this morning, "Will you go out and take pictures for me?" He was running late.
That's the magic of flowers, I guess.
I must admit, this is lovely.
Good morning, Ken.


camillaknits said...

this image needs to be on a card, too. I'm thinking of the 'expectant' nature of the bloom... perfect for announcing a pregnancy (or a birth of say, a new business?) You are *such* a huge talent... I guess that's why God had to make you so damn tall... even He couldn't get 10 lbs of "creative" in a 5 lb sack. Can't wait to see packs of your lovely cards. Did I mention I'm running low?... Cami

PDXDelight said...

Oooohh! New Melly wallpaper! Thank you!