Thursday, August 23, 2007

apron done!

Once I got going, this came together very quickly. Kudos to Amy Butler for creating a pattern even this (slightly) inexperienced seamstress could handle. Her attention to detail is astounding and those who know me know I love attention to detail!
Alas, it was what came before "once I got going" that threatened to do me in. My mom saved the day! That'll learn me to buy new needles for my sewing machine. Who knew a backwards needle could muss things up so! My mom, that's who!
At first, I just had a pocket and after the hour and a half spent trying to figure out why my needle wasn't picking up the bobbin thread, I thought I'd pee myself at this:

and then came this:
I must say though - Amy Butler is most assuredly a skinny girl. Us large-and-in-charge types just might need a little more fabric on an apron.
Maybe I'll give it to my skinny sister for her birthday.
Happy Birthday Robin! (she doesn't read my blog. At least I don't think she does.)
heh heh.


RedRhonda said...

So do nice work!

Dragonfly said...

that came out beautiful!

Erin said...

OUTSTANDING!!! From another large and in charge girl ;)

Vickie said...

You never stop to amaze me with your talents. Beautiful!

Annalea said...

Wow. Your sewing maching will *let* you put the needle in backwards? I've tried, but the darn thing wouldn't go in. Thank heavens for my little Viking.

I say make another one a size you like, and then you and your sis can have matchy aprons for holiday cook-togethers. ;o) That's a truly fetching apron.

I'm so glad my daughters get to have sisters. I had to wait until my brothers got around to marrying . . . not the way to go.

Have fun sewing!

Nanabek4 said...

I love it. You don't see aprons around here like that much anymore.

camillaknits said...

Miss Melly, did you make your son model that apron? Corrupting the young for your own devious design... I love it! Cami

Charmed said...

Ohh...that is SOOO cute, how much would you charge to make me one?