Wednesday, July 7, 2010

wednesday webshare

i found the most adorable patterns for dishcloths ever! kris patay, of kris knits has designed some serious cute. i bought one set and went back the next day and bought four more! i mentioned it to a friend and she said she just couldn't pay for dishcloth patterns. the next day i got a text that read, "i just spent eight dollars on dishcloth patterns!" serious cute.

with inexpensive cotton and just a few hours you can easily create a whole set of cloths to keep for yourself, or gift to someone special.

i made all of these in the last week or so, all available in her free pattern section:
picture courtesy of kris knits.

this is the first one i did as a blanket square. it ended up a little small, but with some tweaking, i think many of her patterns would be usable for blanket squares.
this is the one i did in blue for the schuyler blanket project:
they knit up in a jiffy. go on and buy yourself some cute.


Erin said...

SO cute! I wish I could knit!!

Susan Rapp said...

Love them! Way to knit sister.

Channon said...

Oh, those ARE cute!! Maybe that's just what I need to get some cloth knitting happening?

Bubblesknits said...

Don't you just love her patterns? I've got several of her bundle packs. :)

camillaknits said...

waited a whole week for more melly... whatchu doing today, lady? miss u madly...