Tuesday, June 1, 2010

as the garden grows, so does the gardener

mr. melly has been working non-stop for weeks, in the yard and in the garden.
last year was our first gardening experience, and as the garden grew, so did this gardener. i learned the difference between pole beans and bush beans. i learned the best way to eat a tomato is like an apple, right off the vine, warmed by the sun. i grew hibiscus from seed. they made it through the winter. the mandevilla did not.

i learned wisteria do not like to be moved around. i grew a plant from seed last year and was thrilled to see it leaf this spring. i wanted to move it to the garden, but killed it trying to replant. one day i will have a blooming wisteria. but not this year.

but i do have strawberries!
they are sweet and delicious. and i learned six plants can easily turn into about ten!

i also learned some work needs to be done in the fall. it has taken ken no less than five days to get the space ready to plant. he got a rototiller and made quick work - removing the grass, turning the fall leaves and working in my compost. compost, what a miracle! i took all my kitchen scraps last year, sawdust from baby mac's crib and weeds basically, and created a beautiful, nutrient rich product to work into the soil. mother nature is one clever lady.

stay tuned for more pictures and to see how my garden grows.


Thimbleanna said...

Beeeeautiful Melly! Those strawberries looks fabulous!!!

Creative Minx said...

Ohhh.... I must say Melly: I love this post.

Channon said...

I miss having a garden. Maybe this weekend, I'll finally get the tomato hanging thingee done?

gaylen said...

Oh my strawberries are so not ready yet! Yours look delish. Hope you get wisteria soon. g

Stacy said...

Lovely strawberries! I love gardening!!

Robin/Indy said...

Can't wait to see this years pics of your garden - last years were so lush and happy. Be careful...those garden gnomes can hurt your back (maybe they ride around on your back while you're planting and weeding) think?
miss you...robin