Friday, May 14, 2010

hold on

many of you know my love for the work of artist kelly rae roberts.
recently, she teamed with demdaco and that union made her work incredibly affordable.

remember i got one of her art girlies? well today, i found this little gem. 
a gentle reminder to just. hold. on.


Robin/Indy said...

so appropriate at many times in our lives...where did you find this little goodie, if I may ask?
hoping that the sunshine (when we see it) makes the days a little brighter for you. We found our dwarf sunflowers at cox's today. they were small plants and were very reasonable so mikey went a little gaga. but will our garden be oh so happy in a month or so. miss you, rob

Channon said...

Very sweet! I'm glad you found a little reminder to brighten your day.

Thimbleanna said...

Dearest Melly -- Have you planted a beautiful garden this year? And are you knitting much? I think of you often and hope to get down there sometime this summer to see you.