Monday, October 5, 2009

visiting indy

i like it when friends come to visit. besides getting to play hostess with the most-est, i get to tour my own city. i've lived here (collectively) more than ten years and i've never been to the speedway.

indianapolis, among other things, is known for it's racing: the indy 500 each spring, gathers race fans from all over the world. later in the summer, nascar does it's thing at the brickyard. yesterday, i was the one taking the turns on the famed track. and while i'm no race fan, i enjoyed myself immensely.

perhaps it was the company. my dear friend nansi and her husband, mike came from pennslyvania for the weekend. mike is a race fan. he was quite pleased to visit the brickyard and i think us girls had more fun watching him grin from ear to ear than taking in the sights ourselves.

we debated the felony charges we'd face if we busted through the fence and drove around the track ourselves against having a nice dinner out and somehow dinner won.

saturday afternoon we tried to drive downtown to see all the wonderful architecture and monuments indianapolis has to offer but all the routes were blocked off for the circle city classic: an annual, weekend long event held downtown. so instead, we hit the steak sale at marsh before heading home to relax before dinner. we decided on the friendly tavern in zionsville for dinnner. next time, i'll remember to check game schedules. there was a notre dame game AND and iu game. to say it was loud in there would be a gross understatement. but the food was good so it wasn't a complete loss.

sunday after the track, we came home and just relaxed. we watched a movie before dinner, had some wine and then enjoyed (if i don't say so myself) the best damn steak ever. girl-child and jimmy came for dinner. i think jimmy was a hit with nansi. and i know girl-child loved my friend. she told me so. but really, what's not to love? we laughed until late, then said our good-nights, knowing we'd be parting ways early in the morning.

today, my house is altogether too quiet, just me and the pups. finally having my dear friend here gave me the perfect weekend. thanks for coming, nansi. i miss you already.

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Thimbleanna said...

Awwww. Sounds like the perfect weekend! I'm itching for an Indy visit -- too darn much work up here. Fall is the worst -- the yard cleanup hasn't started yet, but I'm sure it's plotting how to kill me! Glad you could have a good time with a treasured friend!