Sunday, February 1, 2009


no blog fodder here. just a few pictures of my day.
last sunday's paper on the chessboard.
the lovely flowers i bought myself at trader joe's.
love me some tj's.
i'll be back soon. promise.
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Thimbleanna said...

It's a good darn thing you threw us this little bone. I was just thinking yesterday that I was going to e-mail you today and give you a big lecture about how you need to stop flailing around in the snow and get some posts written. Lovely flowers! Now, get. on. it!

Robin said...

How are you miss Melly, my friend? Hope you are doing well - I think you're having too much fun since the girl child has come home (and you have the house back to yourselves again). Are you making any valentines day cards? If you want to, I would love to invite myself up and we could play... How's that for tact???? I know you get tired of always driving south and my car does know it's way north. You're always welcome at my house, but then you have to drag your stuff here. (p.s.I'm usually snoring by 8:30 at night so that wouldn't be too fun). I'm a morning person and YOU ARE NOT.
Talk to ya soon, always, Robin