Thursday, February 26, 2009

California Dreamin' Part 1

Ken and I just got back from a business trip. Every year his company rewards their best customers with an extravagant, all expenses paid trip. And as Mrs. Management, I get to tag along.

This years location was beautiful, southern California at a brand new resort touted as the crown jewel of Irvine county (according to the LA Times), and they ain't kidding. Pelican Hill Resort is indeed a jewel, nestled in the hills between Newport and Laguna's beaches.

Ours was one of the first groups to stay there since they opened last November. The place is gorgeous. From the moment we arrived on the property we were treated like royalty and for a bunch of roofers, that ain't bad.

Patrick escorted us to our private villa and immediately apologized for the smallness of the room. We got the funny porter. And this is just the bedroom:

The suite was so luxurious - beautifully designed and decorated with an attention to detail I've seen in very few places.

It wasn't hard to just sit back and enjoy the room but it was a business trip and there was work to be done. Turns out my job was to enjoy some of California's fine wine and gourmet dining at the Pelican Grill. It was a lovely evening. Ken and I walked hand in hand back to our room where we fell asleep under the glow of a crackling fire.
California. Good.
Part two . . .


Thimbleanna said...

Dang Woman -- those photos look like they should be in a travel brochure! But hey -- let's skip the chit chat -- lay the pictures of Sawyer on us!!!

Russ said...

I'm thinking there is a slight tinge of a green hue to my skin as I read this here blog.

Robin said...

Me too, Russ....pout....