Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the craft fair cometh

I'm ass-deep in santas, cards and other papery goodness. I'm still working on some cards and I need to print up business cards, price tags and signage. And my computer is misbehaving. There is little I hate more than bad computers. Bad computers and messy linen closets.
Behold, the before shot:
notice there's nothing on the top shelf? That is what prompted this closet clean out. I made the mistake of asking Ken to put some blankets away on the top shelf and he doesn't possess my blanket stacking skills. So when he added to the precarious stack the pile came tumbling down on top of him. I tried not to laugh (unsuccessfully) and my punishment was a stack of boxes to pack the next morning. My instructions were to pack away anything we don't use. Without the extra linens, my closet is now organized and perfectly lovely:

spreading all my secrets on the internet. what's the matter with me? boredom, mostly. without my computer I've been forced to find other means of passing my time. Scrubbing toilets is next. Oh, and of course this is keeping me busy too:
meet sweet Jordan. He's busy, that one. And I, quite frankly, am exhausted. :)


Thimbleanna said...

Oh Melly! We must see santas -- Puhleeezzzzz!!!! I mean, the closet is beautiful (not to mention the baby) but Santas. They look awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a loyal stalker, and I would like to know about this craft fair.

Could you do a sista a fava and fill me (and everyone) in?

Sign me -
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