Thursday, July 19, 2007


Remember "Dawn"? I was tinkering with some embellishment ideas when my mom asked, "Are you going to line the bag?"
I hadn't thought of that, until today. I picked up some fat quarters at JoAnn's for 99 cents. I got my sewing machine out, stitched a liner (thanks mom!), hand stitched it to the inside, made a yo-yo, added a button and viola!
Cute, no?
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camillaknits said...

Pattern, please. And the yo-yo/button? Swoon. Yep. I'm a yarn-ho, and so are you. I can't wait to get you and redrhonda completely whacked on quilting... just you wait... *evil laugh* Cami

RedRhonda said...

So cute, and so fast. Weren't we just talking about your plan at lunch?