Monday, March 7, 2011

no winter lasts forever

 no spring skips its turn. 

walking outside today, my spirits were lifted by bits of spring i saw everywhere - birds  chirping happily in the trees, flowers pushing through the sun-warmed soil, blooming in spite of frosty temperatures and me with my baby-friend, both of us happy to be outside, playing in the sunshine. 

today marks a year, our first year without justin. everyone is asking how we're doing. ashley and i both agree - we are no more sad today than yesterday. one year doesn't hurt any more than 364 days. losing someone you love just hurts. every day. but today, noticing spring all around in the company of a small child whose whole world is filled with wonder made me hurt a little less.

 quote  by Hal Borland


Channon said...

Hugs to you. Thanks for sharing those beautiful little flowers with all of us.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- it seems impossible that it's been a year already. But how wonderful to see those beautiful little flowers on this day. Sending you big hugs Melly.

gMarie said...

I wish there were words. Take care of you and find joy where you can. g