Sunday, December 7, 2008

overheard in the hallway

(whispered)"Where's mom?"
(louder whisper)"I don't know!"

Maybe you had to be here to get the humor in this but hearing this out of the mouths of two very young boys you know some serious mischievousness is underway. Made me laugh.

And for the blog o' the day, check out a print a day Yasmine has some seriously cute stuff - free printables to download and other crafty bits.

Not much happening around here. It was a pajama day - chilly outside, warm, knitting in front of a fire, cozy inside.

How about starting the christmas cheer? I'll share some of my very favorite bits of the holiday: traditions, recipes, decorations and other jolly bits.
Starting with a favorite tree ornament:
No, I haven't set up my tree yet. This is from a few years ago but my tree looks pretty much the same every year so let's pretend, ok? This is a cinnamon ornament boy-child made in pre-school, circa 1990. Some years later, girl-child thought she'd found a christmas treat and took a bite. See the little crescent missing from the bottom? Ashley teeth. Probably even her baby teeth. I can almost hear you saying, "Awwwww." :) You can't buy that kind of holiday cheer. My tree is full of those kinds of stories or, it will be once it's up. Soon! I promise!

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