Thursday, May 24, 2007

the devil vestee

it kinda looks like a sweater, doesn't it?
the pattern wasn't clear OR i bit off more than I could chew.
it's a basic knit two purl one stitch - how can you mess that up?

easy - put your needle in wrong and twist your knit stitches. if you don't catch on half way through, fine. if you do and you're not completely anal like me you can continue in the twist-knit way you've done up to this point and make your baby friend a sweater. But if you're a complete nutball like me you want to tear the whole thing out.

when i got to this point, the pattern didn't say "work pattern in the round", it just said "knit". and me, being a new knitter, trying to follow a pattern exactly, didn't think to wonder until i got three inches into the knitting in the round. it just didn't look right.

now i know. i should just finish the thing with the understanding it's my first sweater - it's not going to look right!

for now, it's sitting in my bag waiting to be dealt with. :o\
i fear it's going to be a pile of yarn on my lap before too long.
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Marigold said...

No, it's not going to look like the pattern, it's going to be unique! Remember, it's not a mistake, it's a garment feature ;)

I really like the color, and if I were you, I'd just keep knitting away on it. Were you going to put on a hood? If you were, you might go back to the pattern stitch for the hood. A baby isn't going to worry that it's new sweater isn't exactly like the pattern, so, don't you worry about it either.

Twinsanity said...

Oh, sheesh, the pattern has you knit a raglan sweater from the bottom up? I hate that! It is sooooo much easier to knit that same sweater from the top down. If you decide to frog and start over, let me know if you want some help converting the pattern.

Miss you!