Monday, April 16, 2007

crafting is on hold

we're still trying to get settled in the new house.
i can't believe how long it's taken.
the house is pretty much a box-free zone thank gawd! but the office is filled with cardboard.
i can't believe how out of sorts i feel without the familiar around me. it was time to sit and pay monthly bills. i was lost without the calculator on my computer! i'm hoping there is no major error in my bill paying as i'm digging through boxes trying to find payment books and registers.

i think i have it under control but all this has been such a reminder of how organization is GOOD. it makes life so much easier.

since i'm not currently crafting i wanted to share a picture.inspired by 3191 (and reminded by Cathy z) i wanted to share a shot from my everyday world.

welcome to mundania.
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