Thursday, March 1, 2007

Gnomey Hat

My latest project from Hello Yarn.
I made one the other day with some Red Heart I found but it was too bulky and too scratchy and WAY too big even for a Rappling (the pet name I have for my best friend's big headed children).
This yarn is gorgeous! Part wool, part alpaca - it's knitting up so beautifully. I'll update tomorrow with a photo of the finished product on the sweet head it's made for.
I wanted to finish it tonight but I spent the last HOUR trying to unravel a rats nest of yarn my dogs decided looked like too much fun to pass up. I had to throw most of it away. Brand new $8.00 skeins beautifully wound by my favorite yarn store covered in dog hair, too knotted to untangle. :\ I took the skeins out of the bag to put this hat in for safekeeping. Better the skeins than this. I'd have a new dog skin rug if it had been.
So for now I think I'll go seduce Mr. Sandman and leave the knitting till morning.
Sweet Dreams...

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